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Below are copies of some actual customer feedback.


"I began using a cervical pillow about five months ago and have noticed a marked reduction in the amount of neck pain and headaches during that time. I love it so much I've started giving them as gifts to friends. I am currently deployed to the Persian Gulf with the U.S. Navy. One of my biggest concerns was that I would develop neck and back pain while on deployment and wouldn't have the opportunity to see a chiropractor........this is what has happened in the past. I've been overseas for almost two months now and I've only experienced a couple days of discomfort due to poor sleeping posture. The number of headaches I've experienced has dropped dramatically from what I've experienced in the past. I attribute much of this to my cervical pillow.......don't go to the Persian Gulf without it." - LCDR Vincent, Material Officer USN

Last Will and Testimonial Regarding Dr Tom Pillows: "They're one."
- Anonymous

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