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View these videos to learn about the ergonomic adjustment options available on Mirra seating. Instructions shown are for all possible adjustments; specific adjustments vary according to chair model.

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Herman Miller Aeron Home Office Task Chair
The Original AERONŽ

Herman Miller Celle Home Office Task Chairs Photos:

The Celle chair began in the imagination of designer Jerome Caruso. He envisioned a highly engineered, intelligent seating surface composed of hundreds of small cells and loops that would support and respond to different areas of the body. To implement this vision, research focused on optimizing the chair's performance, particularly the patented Cellular Suspension.

Herman Miller Chairs can only be shipped within the U.S.A.

"Ordered an Aeron chair, free shipping, and it arrived in only 5 days (CA->NJ)! The next cheapest company (probably 5 miles from my house) wanted $70 to ship! Good job guys, I will certainly use you again." - Stanley from Leonia, NJ

Herman Miller Celle Deluxe + Seat Angle Home Office Task Chair

Herman Miller - CELLE DELUXE + Seat Angle
Adjustable Arms, Tilt Limiter, Forward Seat Angle & Lumbar. $1077 - $699

"It was amazing. I originally ordered from another website, they said they had it in stock. I got no shipment notification for a week so I called and ask what was up...they said it'd ship in 6-7 weeks. So I requested a refund and ordered from you instead. For the record, they took two weeks to finally process my refund. I called every day and got the same story every day - "oh I see you called but nobody has processed a refund." So finally I said, "Okay look, if the money isn't in my bank account in three days, I'm filing a chargeback." Lo and behold, it showed up today. Anyway, back to you guys. I ordered from you and you guys shipped it the same day. It arrived three days later...and I didn't pay for shipping. Amazing service, you guys rock. And thanks for checking up on me, makes me feel special :) I realize this may not be much, but I'm planning on pimping you guys out hardcore on my blog in the next couple days. I can't recommend you strong enough. :)" - Pat from Grand Junction, CO

A Work Chair Solution
High-performance, long-term seating with a full complement of adjustments and innovative suspension; for computer work, general office work, and casual or formal meetings.

Smart Innovation
Cellular Suspension. A pliable polymer is molded into cells and loops that provide varying amounts of flex throughout the seat and back.
Responsive support. The cells flex and move with the sitter, naturally conforming to shape and movement and properly distributing weight.
Aerated comfort. Cellular Suspension lets air pass through so skin temperature stays constant.

Superior Ergonomics
Smooth ride. Celle's Harmonic tilt lets people move naturally and stay balanced.
Highly adjustable. Celle has a full complement of adjustments that are easy to locate and use.
Inclusive fit. Celle's one chair size fits the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male, or 95 percent of the North American population.
Meets requirements. Conforms to domestic and global codes and standards.

Wide Application
Versatile performance. Celle's variety of looks, straightforward design, and attractive price let it work in a range of environments.
Facility-wide. Celle is an appropriate choice for offices, conference areas, and team and community spaces.
International. Celle performs equally well in business, healthcare, and learning environments worldwide.

Sustainable Design
Strict standards. The Celle chair adheres to the McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) Cradle to Cradle Design Protocol.
Certified. It is certified to MBDC Cradle to Cradle Gold and Silver, depending on configuration. Celle is GREENGUARD certified and can contribute to LEED certification.
Recyclable. Celle can be disassembled in less than five minutes for efficient recycling.
Strong and durable. Celle has a long life, and parts can be replaced in the field.

Inviting aesthetic
Distinctive look. The Cellular Suspension differentiates Celle from all other work chairs.
Quiet presence. Celle blends with interiors, other furnishings, and architecture.
Color choices. Six cellular colors, from dark to light, neutral to nature based; Latitude upholstery option in 17 colors.


Design Story

The Celle chair began in the imagination of designer Jerome Caruso. He envisioned a highly engineered, intelligent seating surface composed of hundreds of small cells and loops that would support and respond to different areas of the body. To implement this vision, research focused on optimizing the chair's performance, particularly the patented Cellular Suspension.

To meet the project mandate that Celle be more comfortable than other chairs in its price segment, several research methodologies were used, including end-user evaluations, benchmarking, and expert-opinion research by ergonomists and biomechanical professionals from around the country.

From an ergonomics standpoint, Celle follows the lead of Herman Miller's Aeron and Mirra work chairs, with five ergonomics issues integral to the design all three:
- Size and fit. Anthropometric data from CAESAR (Civilian American and European Surface Anthropometry Resource) and other sources was used to ensure the chair fits different body shapes and sizes.
- Pelvic stabilization. The Celle backrest has Herman Miller's integrated, passive PostureFit contour.
- Kinematics. Herman Miller's proven Harmonic tilt mechanism was applied on Celle.
- Pressure distribution. Throughout Celle's development process, Herman Miller used its pressure-mapping capabilities to inform the design of the cellular size, flex regions, and contouring.
- Thermal comfort. Special temperature sensors, called thermocouples, were used to evaluate upholstery options and inform textile selection.

From an aesthetics standpoint, Cellular Suspension was designed to update and redefine the look of low- to mid-price work chairs, where thick foam-and-fabric seats and backs remain the norm. The color offering was created to support the chair's application flexibility and address important trends. Inspirations for the palette include:
- New architecture. The trend is toward darker, warmer tones in architecture and interior design.
- Nature. Rich, saturated tones for a timeless, classic look.
- Global influences. Colors that appeal to international customers.
- Design trends. Chairs are being specified to have a more neutral presence in office environments so they don't compete visually with other design elements.

With these trends as a guide, Celle's broad yet concise color selection goes beyond what is expected in the price range.

Like all Herman Miller products, Celle fits into the company's vision of sustainable design. Celle was developed using Herman Miller's Design for the Environment protocol, which establishes strict standards for recyclability, safe content, easy disassembly, minimal packaging, and minimal waste. It has earned MBDC Gold Cradle-to-Cradle certification for its achievement in environmentally intelligent design.

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